Online Reputation Management


In today’s post-Google era, the online reputation management has evolved in so many ways especially over the last decade. This evolvement has brought with it several misconceptions that people have over what online reputation management really is as some people consider it to be various things. There are those that consider it to be about the social media monitoring and others think it is everything to do with public relations. There are also other people who do not understand the various ways in which this reputation management impacts on sales and business. There are various ways in which the evolution of online reputation management plays an important role in the business landscape today as discussed below.

People are talking about Online Businesses/Companies

Not long ago the internet as we know it today was a bit different on a higher degree. Back then companies or online businesses did not involve themselves in direct engaging with their customers. They used to sell their branded services and goods to an audience that was just passive. The people who used to buy these goods and services could not express their views or have their voices heard by such companies in any powerful way. The communication landscape back them was an overall "top down". Fast forward to today where this has taken radical changes in that websites today are not just plain static brochures. The websites have to have user-generated content as well as hold interactions with customers over social networks regularly. This aspect is very vital in ensuring that a business will become successful. They are an essential aspect that ensures a business success in the online markets today. Make potential customers talk about your success and recommend your products or services to each other. You can achieve that with BrightPast, the best-rated online reputation management agency!

It goes without saying that the size of your company does not matter at all.

Customers, clients, prospects and others are today tweeting, commenting on company blogs and posting on Facebook about the products and services you offer. These people are actively talking about their customer experiences and various other things about your products and services. It is therefore hard to imagine that your business today can do well in the market if you were to disregard the people’s opinions, reviews and voices.



There is a fresh business commandment that is prevailing in the business landscape today and that is being transparent on the part of companies and businesses. A company ought to be ready to open up to feedback and criticism. Embracing this new mode of communication with the audience will be beneficial for companies.

This transparency means that companies ought to allow its employees to speak publicly about their products and services. They should also seek to establish a one-to-one communication channels with their customers in order to get feedback from them regularly. Companies should also not hide any criticism directed their way but should instead labor to address it publicly. There are so many companies that do not invest well in such ways and this could make them struggle a lot with the transparent communication method to their own detriment. It is risky to be transparent for most companies but on the long run not being really transparent proves to be much riskier.